Tips for using our website

A couple of simple recommendations for the professional use of INO MODELS website.

Make online castings in Pinterest

We recommend Pinterest for making online castings with our models. Pinterest is a popular place to collect and share pictures online. The action of adding a picture into a digital collection (also known as a “board”) on Pinterest is called pinning. Every picture of every model on INO MODELS website can be pinned by clicking these buttons:

Pin the picture on Pinterest (button)

You might be asked to sign in with your Pinterest account. If you don’t have an account, you can create it right away.

Create a new board for your casting by entering its name into the search field under “Pick a board” and clicking “Create: ...”

Create a board

You can always view your boards on or Pinterest app. To share the board with us click “Send board” in the drop-down menu and enter, or send the link via the form.

Send board

If your board is private (“secret”), click “Edit board” and add to the list of collaborators.

Create compcards with the pictures of your choice

A model’s compcard from our website contains only the selected picture, the model’s measurements and the link back to her or his profile. Smaller file size and PDF format allow for easier printing and transferring.

Downloading compcards